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We heat or cool our homes to keep our family comfortable. But, a single
thermostat in the living room can't always keep the upstairs cool or the basement warm. Fact is, you may feel a 12 to 15 degree difference in comfort levels within your own home. Heat from the sun can make one side of your home significantly hotter than the other side. What's more, homes with large rooms
or rooms with high ceilings can be very difficult to heat or cool. One thermostat in the typical home just can't maintain suitable comfort levels throughout the entire home.

But now there is a surprisingly simple way to make sure that every area of your home is comfortable - not just the room with the thermostat.
Are You As Comfortable As You Could Be In Your Own Home?
Arzel@ has an inspired and affordable solution...create multiple comfort zones throughout your home.
One Home. Many Comfort Zones.
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The elegance of the Arzel System is its simplicity. Our EzySlide™ dampers slide right into your existing ductwork. You don't have to replace your ductwork as you would with ordinary zoning systems. There are no wires, no motors, and no special sensors. It works with any conventional thermostat. And, the Arzel Zoning System Zone Control Panel comes already preprogrammed for quick installation. What could be easier?
Simple Installation. Simple Operation.
No noisy motors as with ordinary zoning systems, just the soft whisper of our patented air-driven dampers. But best of all, the unique gaskets on our dampers are designed to provide complete shut-off. That means there is no expensive over-conditioning. And, Arzel is the only system that gives you this money-saving benefit.
Shhh...Quiet Damper Action
Arzel Zoning
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